Bulk Seed

If you have questions on the availability of a specific seed, please call 419-836-9443 before you visit. We purchase our seed in bulk from a local Ohio seed supplier to ensure the freshest seeds with the highest potential for germination.

To help you plan your garden better, here is a list of seed we carry starting in April 2016:

Beans, ‘Roma III’, ‘White Half Runner’

Beets, Detroit Dark Red

Carrots, Nantes

Collards, Vates

Cilantro, Santo

Cucumber, Marketmore, Pickling, Burpless, Slicing

Green Beans, Bush Blue Lake

Kohlrabi, Early White Vienna

Lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson

Lima Bean, Fordhook, Henderson Bush

Okra, Clemson

Ornamental Corn, Fiesta

Parsley, Italian Dark Green

Parsnips, Harris Model

Peas, Maestro, Sugar Ann

Pole Beans, Kentucky Blue Lake Pole

Pumpkin, Small Sugar Asgrow, Howden

Radish, White Icicle, Easter Egg, French Breakfast

Spinach, Tyee

Sunflower, Giant Striped

Sweet Corn, Vitality Bi-Color, Peaches and Cream Bi-Color, Cloud Nine White, & Bodacious Yellow

Swiss Chard, Five Color

Turnips, Purple Top & White Globe

Wax Bean, Golden Improved