A Farming Tradition

Bench Farms, in Curtice, Ohio, was founded in 1940 by newlyweds Charles and Margaret Bench. The farm originally operated as a dairy, and being relatively new to farming, Charles decided to abandon the labor intensive dairy operation to focus his efforts on raising vegetables instead.  As the operation matured so did the Bench Family, and with the help of their three sons and two daughters, Bench Farms grew to raise massive amounts of sugar beets and tomatoes for processing.

Farming has become the common thread woven into the fabric of the Bench Farms family legacy. Oldest son Donald Bench Sr. still farms alongside his son, Don Jr., Robert Bench Jr. has continued his late father’s pickle operation and youngest son David eventually took over the original family farm in 1982.

David and his wife Cindy have now operated Bench Farms State Route 2 Greenhouse and Roadside Produce Market for nearly 30 years with the continued help of family and many dedicated employees.  Our farm has always been a family-focused farm, known for a reputation of honesty, friendliness, and a sincere interest the lives of customers. Each of their children — Kurt, Arik, and Heidi — grew up learning the business and growing a love for the land. You can still find each of their children (and now their families) intricately involved in building into the family farming legacy. We look forward to sharing that legacy with you.

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  1. Hi, David Bench requested a catalog and wholesale price list of our products from Green Profit Magazine. Please send email address so I can forward this please. Thank you
    Debra Davis

  2. WE are looking for heirloom puerto rico sweet potatoes. Not the bush variety. Is this what you have? And what is your price?

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